餴 started r◆esearch on 5G ●products in 2009■, and has invested○ at least 600 mil●lion dolla〓rs in related resear○ch. It

has built● 11 5G resear●ch centers○ across the wor◆ld.Huawei's net pro◆fit grew by ◆28 percent to 47〓.5 billion

yuan ●(about 7.6 billi●on U.S. dollars) l○ast year. Its sal〓es incr

ease●d by 16 perc●en

◆solutions pro■vider

t from 2016,〓 reaching 604 bill●ion yuan.Please s○can the QR Co●de to follow us

on◆ InstagramPlea○se scan the QR Code ○to follow us on Wec○hatHuawei net p〓rofit up 2●8 percent in 2017Hua■wei

net pr

ofit u○p 28 percent i

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